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May 8: Location Change Tuesday Rehearsals

Hello all,

Congratulations Concert Choir on all the hard work you’ve done perfecting and refining your festival pieces! The recording yesterday was a wonderful testament to all the time and care you’ve invested into this music. Please find details regarding the location change for all future Tuesday rehearsals, and homework for this weekend below.

Tuesday Rehearsals Location Change

POV has scheduled renovations for the Wingate studio which will be starting next week (earlier than expected). As a result, we will be moving all of our Tuesday rehearsals next door to St. John the Divine. This won’t affect your drop off or pick up routines much as the venues are mere feet apart, but choristers please note that you should be arriving at the side door to St. John’s, not POV for all Tuesday rehearsals for the foreseeable future!


1. Libertango - the practice files are now on the Singing Space. Please sing along and memorize. 2. Pasejau Dobila - memorize the lyrics only. 3. The Log Driver's Waltz - practice in the fast tempo of the practice files; note the difficult sections; go to those specific places and practice slowly. Hope you all enjoy your weekends and we look forward to seeing you at St. John's on Tuesday! - Micha

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