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April 30: Homework

Hello singers and families!

Please find this week’s homework below. As Teodora said at our last rehearsal, you all deserve a good concert, so let’s make that happen!


1. The Log Driver's Waltz - rehearsal E (please learn with the practice files): - S2 listen to Alto1 file - S1 listen to S2 file 2. Laudate Pueri - practice with the practice files. Please have the first 4 pages memorized for Friday, and be able to sing the whole thing! 3. Borodin (the Russian song) - sing along to this recording - Here is what the opera scene looks like: 10 minutes a day is all it takes to make progress! Listen to the pieces and practice files while you’re on the bus or doing your homework; once it’s in your ears, practicing gets much easier! If you have any questions about what you should be working on, or where to find the practice files or other resources, please let us know! Hope you all have lovely weeks, and we’ll see you on Friday!

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