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March 29: Welcome Back!

Hello Concert Choir,

I hope you've all been able to enjoy your much deserved spring breaks! We're so excited to be all together again this Tuesday to make music and catch up. As we have quite a lot to share with you regarding the coming weeks and the last few months of our 2020/2021 season, this will be a bit of a lengthy email, so I'll let you know what to expect right off the bat. Topics in this message will include:

  • Tuesday Rehearsal


  • Raffle

  • Chorister Assessments

  • April Day Camp

  • Stabat Mater: April Streaming dates and links

Rehearsal, Tuesday March 30th

Just a reminder that we will be returning for our first rehearsal this Tuesday at 5:00pm at POV. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

No rehearsal Friday April 2nd

Due to Good Friday we will not be rehearsing on Friday this week. Enjoy the Easter weekend!


Deadline for raffle tickets is Friday April 9th. I will need your ticket stubs back either on or before that date! That leaves everyone with just under two more weeks to sell their tickets. Also a reminder that this is our only choir wide fundraiser this year, and all families are expected to sell at least one book of tickets. We also have about 10 extra books of tickets if anyone would like another one!


Similar to the individual check-ins you had with Teodora in December, there will be individual assessments in April. Traditionally during these singer assessments, we also take the opportunity to check in with parents regarding their experience with the choir in the past year. We are still sorting out the scheduling, but these will likely take place on a weekend, so keep your eyes open for details to come. We know that many of our choristers work, and otherwise have busy schedules, so we intend to give as much notice as we possibly can so that everyone can make arrangements as necessary.

Day Camp

Every time we hold a day camp, we have so much fun and make so much progress on the repertoire that we immediately start trying to make plans for another! We are hoping to have another day camp at St. George's on a Saturday in April, date pending on confirmation from our venue. Please keep your eyes open for updates on this front!

Stabat Mater

As previously announced, the Concert Choir's performance of Pergolesi's Stabat Mater will be available to stream over the Easter Weekend. Details and links are available below, please share this beautiful performance with your extended families and communities! It's a lovely way to spend an hour or so over the long weekend.

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