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April 21: Final Concert Recording Date

Hello Concert Choir families,

Thank you to all the singers and family members who have come in late on Tuesdays or during the day this past Saturday to complete their April Assessment. It's been lovely to put some faces to names in this very strange year of distance! If your signer hasn't had their assessment yet, please take a look at the schedule and make sure they have made a plan with us to complete the assessment. Included in this email is confirmation of the date for our final concert of the season, homework reminders for Friday, and a quick word about the Victoria Performing Arts Festival results.

Performing Arts Festival Prizes

As the choristers already know, the performance they submitted to the performing arts festival this winter has won two awards, the details of which are below!

- Victoria Choral Society Award for the most outstanding choral performance

- Victoria Philharmonic Choir Award for an excellent performance by a junior or youth community choir

These come with monetary awards, and a recommendation to the Provincial festival. If you haven't congratulated your singer yet, now is an excellent time to celebrate!

Final Concert Date

We have officially confirmed our venue for recording our last performance of the season. As with all performances this year, we will be recording the choirs without audiences and releasing a video for all to watch and share at a later date. We will be recording this concert Saturday June 12th at St. George's Anglican Church. We will send out a detailed schedule as soon as it's finalized!


Laudate - Memorize the first two pages

Pasejau Dobila - Take a minute to listen to this wonderful recording by the Hamilton Children's Choir!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Wishing everyone a lovely week, and see you Friday!

- Micha

Concert Choir Manager 250-889-2515

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